Ilon Mask is ready to replace the futuristic ‘Cybertruck’ with a ‘normal’ pickup in case of failure

American electric car manufacturer Tesla is ready to replace the space design “Cybertruck” with a “normal” pickup if it fails on the market or fails certification in various countries, the company’s founder Ilon Mask revealed in an interview with Automotive News.

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Tesla Cybertruck’s debut last fall was one of the biggest and loudest events in the automotive industry – the electric car manufacturer’s first pickup is unlike any other Tesla model or any other brand. However, the bold and cosmic design that has attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of potential buyers could result in this pickup failing in the market.

In its current form, the Tesla Cybertruck may not be allowed to participate in public transport, for example in Europe, where a car of this design does not meet road safety standards. The body of the electric pickup truck is made of hard steel and does not provide deformation at lower impacts – this makes the car dangerous for pedestrians. The sharp corners of the body pose an additional risk.

Another threat could be competing models that may not be as energy efficient but much more comfortable in everyday use than the six-meter-long Tesla. As Ilon Masks admitted, the carmaker didn’t do much research into the pickup market, but simply created an impressive electric car that looks like a “futuristic battle tank.”

In the event that the Cybertruck fails in the market, Mask has a contingency plan – Tesla engineers are currently developing a “normal” pickup truck, which is also planned to be put into production. “If it turns out that no one wants a weird pickup, we’ll make it normal. There are already a lot of pickups in the world that look the same – the differences are virtually imperceptible. We can also create another ‘copy,'” Masks said in an interview with Automotive News.

Tesla Cybertruck debuted last November. In the first two days after the presentation, 150 thousand people applied for the purchase of this car, but already in February of this year, their number reached half a million. Each of the applicants for this model had to pay a deposit of 100 US dollars (87 euros), but the starting price of an electric pickup truck is 40 thousand dollars (35 thousand euros).

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