Ilse DeLange delights German viewers with debut: ‘Love this woman’

“I can’t stop smiling since I saw Ilse DeLange on TV again tonight,” someone wrote. “You can’t make me happier now that you’re part of the new jury. You are an enrichment for DSDS’, she adds. Someone else writes again: ‘Ilse DeLange is worth watching. I love this woman.’ Someone also wrote: ‘I am in love with Ilse DeLange. Such a beautiful, sweet, wonderful young woman!’ and ‘I’m just watching this because of Ilse DeLange. Actually. And I adore her.’

The German program also attracted a number of Dutch viewers. They also expressed their pride to the singer on Twitter. ‘I am so proud of how you are so yourself and have stepped into this adventure with full enthusiasm,’ wrote one person. ‘I just see that you enjoy all the great opportunities you get. I wish you all the best’, she adds. ‘So nice to finally see Ilse on German TV. And she was enjoying herself and she shone again as we know her. Nice!’ writes another. Someone also wrote: ‘So cool to see Ilse in Germany. I enjoy this.’

The singer herself makes herself heard on Instagram and shares a number of fragments from the first broadcast of the German talent show. ‘The time has come, the waiting is coming to an end. Today the new season of DSDS starts. You can look forward to a lot of talent, excitement, freedom and emotions,” the singer writes in German. “I am so excited and happy to be able to embark on this new and exciting journey,” she concluded.

This is not the first German job that Ilse has scored. Previously she also participated in sing my song and the German version of Let’s Dance. Last year we spoke with the superstar in the making about her latest job as a jury member of Germany seeks the superstar.