Taranto confirms the success of the referendum approving the Ilva agreement between Arcelor Mittal and the metalworkers' unions. After four days of factory assemblies, the scrutiny operations ended s at 94% agreement. A result communicated in real time via Twitter from Marco Bentivogli, secretary of the Fim Cisl. In particular on 10.805 entitled, 6.866 were the voters equal to 63.5%, 10 cards void (0.12), 12 white cards
   (0.16) 392 no (5.7) and 6.452 yes.

Equally high the percentage of consensus that has been in the last few days in the other factories, also called to the

TO GenoaIn fact, another important site after Taranto, the agreement received 90.1% of favorable votes, a Novi Ligure 89.4%, 87% a Racconigi and 63% a Marghera. The accession to the agreement had already appeared in recent days and gradually strengthened as the consultations took place
   site by site.
The agreement with Mittal was reached in the early afternoon of last September 6 after a negotiation that had begun
   around 14 o'clock the day before and that, subject to some interruptions, had been going on all night. In addition to
   Mittal delegation and the metalworking federations' unions also the extraordinary commissioners Ilva and the Minister of
   Economic and economic development, Luigi Di Maio.

WATCH THE VIDEO / Ilva, agreement to the Ministry of Economic Development

The negotiation, on September 5, started with the Mittal proposal to hire 10,300 workers, the highest number
   to 10 thousand of the former minister's mediation Carlo Calenda. The pressing of the unions and the minister then led Mittal, at the dawn of 6 September, to accept the Government's proposal
   of 10,700 hired immediately and since then the negotiation at the Mise has embarked on the final straight, ending a few hours later,
   with the signature. Ilva employees at the date of last March are 13,618 in the group and 10,849 in Taranto. Mittal will take it
   in total 10,700 of which 8,200 in Taranto. Those who do not pass to the new company will be in charge of the extraordinary administration
   of Ilva. Expected that a portion of this staff of Taranto, from 300 to 400, can be used in the remediation
   who will manage the commissioners (with the resources obtained from shore, a billion) in addition to those of Mittal (which spends a little more than a billion).

The agreement closes with zero redundancies and this is assessed by the trade unions Fim Cisl, Fiom Cgil, Uilm and Usb, signatories of the agreement, as a point of strength. Also envisaged a mechanism to encourage voluntary early exit
   from the factory (bonus of 100 thousand euro gross per capita) but for whom at the end of the implementation of the new industrial plans e
   environmental, in 2023, will still be in layoffs, there is the commitment of Mittal to advance to the worker concerned an offer
   employment. A guarantee clause that is judged important by the unions in those who have facilitated the agreement together
   to the maintenance of the guarantees of article 18 of the Workers' Statute.

Then there is the whole environmental chapter with the acceleration in Taranto of a series of interventions. Point that arouses criticism
   environmentalists (and the perplexities of the Archdiocese of Taranto) as the Evaluation was not introduced effectively
   integrated environmental and health damage to calculate, with advance on investment, whether or not, and which entity
   , a risk of diseases for the population and exposed workers.

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