“I’m going to shoot a series with John Malkovich”, announces Hugo Becker at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival

Recently, Hugo Becker camped a soldier in Pilot, for OCS, around the new wars led by drones. Cinema, theatre, series, Becker is everywhere. Of dark baron at I promise you Passing by At the service of France et Ten percent, anything goes. Soon, we will see him on horseback for Josée Dayan in the historical series of France 2 Diana of Poitiers where he will play Henry II. At the Monte-Carlo TV Festival, the native of Metz confesses that he is discovering the Principality for the first time, he who nevertheless played a Grimaldi in the series Gossip Girl. On site, the verbose Hugo Becker talks about his next project: The New Look, a series for Apple TV + with John Malkovich around the resistance and couturiers Coco Chanel and Christian Dior. Meeting with a lover of his profession.

Interpret a member of the Grimaldi family…

“It was a long time ago. As with all the characters, I had prepared upstream, watching documentaries. The role was far from me, who was born in Metz, in a family that is not from all princely.”

Henry II for Josée Dayan

“I was incredibly lucky, because I was able to train with Mario Luraschi, who is one of the greatest aerialists and stuntmen. He trained a lot of people with his teams. Every Sunday for a month and a half, I was going to practice with him. I also had fencing training. It was quite intense, because we also shot during the week. There were no days off. But it was great. I am well aware of how lucky I am. We are paid to receive private lessons where we can improve… This project, Diana of Poitiers with Isabelle Adjani, is a real success”.

Preparing for roles

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“Preparing for roles is what I like the most. I had done something for the BBC, for which I found myself a month and a half with the Charlton footballers. crazy. At half-time of a match at theEmirates, the Arsenal stadium, we had taken advantage of the break for me to put up a skylight, to do a glide and to headbutt a guy. In these real conditions, it was a lot of fun. Going into universes to which I would never have had access, I really enjoy it.”

Training at Puy du Fou

“After Diana of PoitiersI was offered the film Win or die, which I just finished filming a month and a half ago. It is a historical film on the Vendée war, which will be distributed by Studio Canal. It’s a big project, with scenes that have a thousand extras. I had quite a few stunts. As a result, I was entitled to a second training session with the Puy du Fou riders”.

A pronounced taste for history?

“In general, yes. But it’s true that it’s often come up in projects that have interested me lately. When I did Henry III was able to talk for hours with a guy who had a master’s degree in François 1er, his son”.

his next series

“I wanted to shoot in English, I had done it on Leonardo recently. And then I learn that the showrunner is the co-creator of the series Soprano and of Bloodline, Todd A. Kessler, is at the head of this project, just that… Not to mention the cast: Juliette Binoche, John Malkovich, Ben Mendelsohn, Maisie Williams. Difficult to refuse such an offer. The series is a thriller that takes place during the Second World War and follows great fashion designers such as Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Lucien Lelong and their relationship to the Nazi regime, to that of Vichy and to the resistance. There are a lot of gray areas over this period. I have the chance to play a resistant who really existed. My grandfather was resistant, he is no longer there today but he is someone for whom I had an admiration beyond measure. I was happy to do this for him…”

Attracted by extraordinary projects?

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“We don’t decide everything, but Black Baron at The New Look Passing by The last trip where I play an astronaut, I’m very lucky. But very early on, and very quickly, I tried never to do the same thing twice. I quickly went from Chefs to the series In the service of France, which is a barred satirical series, before becoming a guy with iron teeth and tattoos in Paradise Beach. It was a real fight on my part at the start and it is no longer the case, I am really offered different things and I like that. I’m going to make a film about punks soon, probably because I’m often off the beaten track and I like it.”