“I’m gonna double them all!” – Askham on fighting Mamed

During the upcoming KSW 55 gala there will be a rematch fight between Scott Askham i Mamedem Khalidovem. Askham’s belt will be at stake in the five-round match, which will take place on October 10.

In the first duel of these players, the Englishman turned out to be better and scored Mamed at the full distance. The fight, however, took place within the contractual weight limit and was not a championship fight.

Following the official announcement of the second fight with Khalidov, Scott made a short comment on the list by writing on social media:

I’m gonna double them all!

With his entry, the Englishman referred to a double battle with Michał Materla. Scott made his debut in the KSW cage immediately beating a competitor from Szczecin. Then he beat Marcin Wójcik and faced Materla again, this time in the final of the middle category tournament. The stake in the fight, which took place in May 2019, was the belt of this weight category previously packed by Khalidov. In the third installment of the brilliant fight, Askham knocked out Materla with a flying knee and took the title.

Scott Askham is undefeated in the KSW cage and has not lost a match in over 3 years.

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