“I’m lucky and proud”

Rare were those who thought that one day the bar of 2000 points scored by Hermann Maier, during the 1999-2000 season, would be beaten. All the more so when one thinks that Marcel Hirscher, during his decade of domination, had not succeeded in doing so. But now 23 years after “Herminator”, an extraterrestrial landed from the town of Hergiswil has carved out a new record ahead of the mason from Flachau, triumphing in the last giant of the season at Soldeu. 2042 points, a staggering mark!

“When you analyze what it takes to reach this number, it’s totally crazy. It’s like getting 20 wins in a single winter.” From the height of his throne, reigning over the ski planet, Marco Odermatt struggles to take the measure of his achievement. “I never thought it would be possible. I’m lucky and very proud of what I’ve accomplished”, explains the man with 22 podiums and 13 successes in the World Cup this winter, not to mention his two world gold medals in downhill and giant.

Decompress to forget the pressure of the record

All week long, journalists and followers kept harping on the same question: does he have the ability and energy to be able to claim this record. He replied by assuring that it was not a goal, that he did not really think about it. An element of language to relieve the pressure, because Marco Odermatt was really thinking about it. “I said it was not important, but it was a real motivation to land in Andorra after having already ensured the Crystal Globes. I was also before this giant more nervous than usual.

To change his mind, he had fully celebrated his success in super-G on Thursday evening with the Cirque Blanc caravan. Just to decompress and forget the weight of numbers. “We had a good party,” he laughs. “I was still so tired before the race. I don’t know how I managed to win.” And not just anyhow! With more than two seconds over any adversity. Monstrous!

The admiration of Alexis Pinturault

From the third step of the day’s podium, Alexis Pinturault admires the Swiss prodigy who flies above all competition. “Odi has a lot of qualities: a technique, a glide, a touch of snow. He also has the best equipment on the circuit”, explains the Frenchman who compares Marco Odermatt to Ted Ligety, when the latter put bricks in the sight of his adversaries ten years ago. “No one really understands. Marco is one step ahead and we are running behind him.”

The Courchevel skier goes further in his analysis of the Swiss phenomenon. “He is one of the few to ski with long skis and manage to turn them like short ones. It manages to generate more power than all the others. It is also thanks to its morphology, its size.” Stöckli skis that hurtle down snowy slopes like rockets. “They have managed to find a ski that performs well on all types of snow and have the ability to adapt quickly.”

Marco Odermatt will recover this Sunday, therefore, his second big Crystal Globe. But before that, he has one question to solve. “I don’t know yet if I’m ready to go celebrate. I am totally tired. I hope I still have some energy left to celebrate.” As when he finishes his races with a bang, the Swiss champion should find the necessary resources to end his winter with a bang.

Johan Tachet/LMO, Soldier