“I’m not depressed.” – NEWSZONE

In his new video, the YouTuber shared what his therapist found out about him.

He wrote it down carefully: his therapist told him that he suffered from “impulse outbursts” and “adjustment disorders”. He is currently “very happy” with the therapy. He has also noticed a few small successes. One clarification is particularly important to him:

I’m not depressed (…) I’m glad to be alive.

After his last video, some fans suspected that Luca could be depressed. In it, he tearfully spoke about his problems.

Luca is touched!

The 26-year-old reports many messages from other influencers who wrote to him after his last video. What surprised Luca a bit: Many football professionals have also contacted him. Overall, he’s getting a lot of encouragement at the moment. For example, he also met older people around 50 who recognized him and said that they just wanted to hug him.

Is Luca also talking about the breakup with Payton?

No not true. However, he says that he will “possibly” comment on this in his and selfiesandra’s podcast “Dick und Doof”.

You can watch Luca’s video here:

If you have mental problems, you can get help here: