“I’m still shocking them with reality”… An American woman reveals the secret of her attachment to Saudi Arabia and has refused her family’s request to return for more than two years!

Al-Marsad newspaper: An American activist recounted the details of her residence in Saudi Arabia two years ago, and the extent of security that the Kingdom enjoys, unlike other countries.

The activist appeared in a video clip, and said: “I have been living in Saudi Arabia for two years. My family is still asking me, are you not afraid while you are in Saudi Arabia?”

And she continued, “I still shocked them with the reality, Saudi Arabia is much safer than my homeland, the United States of America, at least I don’t worry about shootings.”

The activist continued: “I don’t worry about accidents that happen if my daughter goes to school, I don’t worry about thefts if I go out shopping and buy my things.”

It is worth noting that the United States of America has recently witnessed several shooting incidents, with dozens of victims, as happened in New York and Texas recently.

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