“I’m sure I’ll knock him out, I want to end his career”: ‘Canelo’ Álvarez on Gennady

“This will be his last fight. I want to finish his career, I will, for sure. I’ll knock him out, it’s the only way I want to finish the fight,” he said. Álvarez during the first promotional press conference for the third duel with Golovkin, 40, who will move up to super middleweight for the first time.

He said that he will take the third fight with Golovkin on a personal basis.

“He always talks shit about me, that’s why this is personal. He pretends on camera to be a nice guy, but he’s not. I can’t wait to face him, I’m angry.”he added.

Álvarez, born 31 years ago in Guadalajara, said he expects the third fight to be an “easy job”, even more so than when he first fought the Kazakh in 2017.

On that occasion the fighters tied. A year later ‘Canelo’ prevailed by unanimous decision.

“I just want to end this rivalry. I feel at my best: strong, more mature in the ring“, he claimed.

Against Golovkin, ‘Canelo’ will put into play the super middleweight belts of the World Boxing Organization, the International Boxing Federation, the World Boxing Council and the World Boxing Association.

For the Mexican, the fight comes at a difficult time. This is because last May he suffered the second loss in his career when he fell to Russian Dmitry Bivol in pursuit of the light heavyweight division title.

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“After the fight with Bivol I am more dangerous than before. I always feel that I am the best boxer in the world. I try to do things that other fighters don’t do and are afraid to do, I lose weight and gain weight to achieve great things for my career”, he expressed.

The Mexican comes to the fight with a record of 57 wins, 39 by way of knockout, two losses and two draws.

The Kazakh has 42 wins, 37 on the fast track, one loss and one draw.