“I’m sure I’m going to make a difference in the game” (VIDEO) – Fox Sports

Alan Mozo is the star reinforcement of Chivas towards the Apertura 2022 from BBVA MX League and, as such, the youth squad Pumas wants to respond with a clear influence on the offensive game of the technical director Richard Chain, recently ratified in office after assuming as interim in a first instance.

“I am very happy and very grateful for the trust they have shown in me. The truth is that I feel that I fit perfectly into this game system, I believe that a lane has to be deep, and I am, and contribute a lot to the offense. I think that little by little I am going to adapt to this position and I am sure that I am going to make a difference in the game”, revealed the 25-year-old soccer player from the team’s pre-season in Barra de Navidad.

But if there is an asterisk in the game of Alan Mozo it is in the defensive aspect, which he hopes to correct during his time as an Atletico player and find that balance between offense and defense.

“Little by little I have found that balance (between attacking and defending), I would love to tell you that I have mastered it, but it will never be enough to continue learning things. I love to attack, I think I am someone who makes a difference when attacking. With this line of five I can contribute a lot and I want to continue advancing in the defensive area, which when I was a right back was my first function and the truth is that little by little I have handled it quite well. Balance is the key in the position I’m going to be fighting in, which is the lane, so it’s perfect,” said the defender.

And aware of what the hiring of a footballer who is expected to have an immediate impact on the team implies for the club, Alan Mozo He wants to respond with a vengeance to seek the long-awaited championship.

“I don’t come here to steal anyone’s place, I come to show who I am, to show my game. I think I can contribute a lot to this team and I’ve been doing it since day one”, he added.

And it is that for Boy the illusion of being a soccer player Chivas has been since the first day his name was linked with the ‘Sacred Flock’ years ago.

“The truth is that I did sound there, they told me that it was an option to come here and I think that from that moment I had the illusion of coming. This team is huge, it’s great and I love being here. I think it is an important step in my career and for what I want. I am very happy and I am ready, I believe that things happen for a reason, I believe that I am in Chivas in my best moment”, he concluded.