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“I’m the right man for the club!”

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Nobody at FC Zurich can be satisfied with this season. Before the deal against Vaduz, coach Massimo Rizzo explains that he continues to believe in himself.

Massimo Rizzo is convinced of his work at FC Zurich. – Nau.ch

the essentials in brief

  • At FCZ they want to end a bad second half of the season with a good game against Vaduz.
  • Coach Massimo Rizzo is convinced that he is still the right man for the Zurich team.

FC Zurich is saved – although the penultimate game of the season will be a debacle. With 0: 4 you go under outnumbered at FC Basel. “You have to accept that,” says coach Massimo Rizzo (47) a week later.

“Basel did well, but our performance wasn’t at all,” said Rizzo. “We’re hoping for a reaction in the last game against Vaduz.” For the people of Zurich, it’s not about anything in the home game today – but the team has a lot to make up for.

Because: You can only win against Vaduz once this season, but dive twice for it. «First and foremost, we want to show a reaction to the FCB game. We want to accelerate from the first second, ”explains Massimo Rizzo.

And the trainer also appeals to pride before the season’s Dernière! “You have to be proud to wear the FCZ coat of arms on your left chest.”

Is Massimo Rizzo still the right coach for FC Zurich?

Rizzo: “I’m the right man for FC Zurich”

After the weak second half of the season, the discussion about the coach himself is getting louder. Massimo Rizzo still has one year of contract, but the latest results are a big mortgage for the coming season.

The coach sees it differently: “Of course, it is impossible to be satisfied. We’ll analyze this season well after the last game. But I know what I can », Rizzo is convinced.

“With good preparation, we will have a successful start in the summer. I am the right man for FC Zurich! ” The club management expressed their confidence in him with the contract. “And I want to give something back for that,” says Rizzo.

Ancillo Canepa, President of the FCZ, in an interview with Nau.ch. – Nau.ch

Rizzo will not be able to fall back on three players next season. The FCZ lets the contracts of Toni Domgjoni, Adrian Winter and Novem Baumann expire and waives an extension.

Vaduz has to get more points than Sion

In contrast to the Letzi team, it’s all or nothing for FC Vaduz. Coach Mario Frick’s team has their backs to the wall and needs points.

Sion plays at home against Basel and can’t get more points than the Vaduz team. Otherwise it will go down again after a year in the Super League. If the Liechtenstein team wins, the duel against FC Thun will be relaunched in the barrage.

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