I’m well! Pfizer-Astra Booster Users Can Be Happy Here

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A study from Brazil and the University of Oxford conducted research on vaccine types booster from recipients of two doses of Sinovac. The result is enough to bring good news for vaccine recipients booster Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Researchers mention vaccines booster vector (Johnson&Johnson and AstraZeneca) and mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) platforms were able to counter variants such as Delta and Omicron.

Researchers looked at the effectiveness of the vaccine in 1,240 volunteers in San Paulo and Salvador Brazil. “This study provides an important option for policymakers in many countries using inactivated vaccines [Sinovac dan Sinopharm] been used,” said study leader and director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, Andrew Pollard Reuters, Wednesday (22/6/2022).

For information, viral vector vaccines use weak versions of other viruses. This is done to transmit genetic instructions and aims to make proteins in the virus for which protection is sought.

The mRNA vaccine delivers a genetic transcript with instructions for making viral proteins. This can teach the body to defend itself against infection.

Indonesia itself has implemented a vaccine program booster. Follow-up doses can only be given to those aged 18 years.

The government issued a combination dose booster with several types for primary vaccines, including the Sinovac vaccine. This is a booster combination for recipients of two doses of Sinovac vaccine:

Booster for recipients of two doses of Sinovac . vaccine

  • Astra Zeneca half dose (half dose) or 0.25 ml
  • Pfizer half dose or 0.15 ml
  • Moderna full dose (full dose) or 0.5 ml
  • Sinopharm full dose (full dose) or 0.5 ml
  • Sinovac full dose or 0.5 ml (new addition)

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