Image of the Blood of Christ will be restored after being burned for a year

Almost a year after being burned after a “regrettable attack”, the Catholic Church announced that they would begin the work of “restoration»Of the image of the Blood of Christ with a budget of more than 800 thousand cordobas and 113 thousand dollars that have been raised through individual donations from the same parishioners.

After concluding the Sunday Eucharist this June 27 in the Cathedral of Managua, Cardinal Leopoldo José Brenes, said that under his jurisdiction as “archbishop and lover of this image” he will not allow people whom he considers “are not going to develop a professional job” to carry out this task, therefore, he appealed to “Monsignor Gonzalo de Villa, archbishop of Guatemala »Who set out to collaborate in the restoration of the Blood of Christ that the same religious knows.

«Since August of last year we have been making arrangements with institutions specialized in the restoration of images (…) I have consulted my good brother the Archbishop of Guatemala, who in the archdiocese has a professional institute of images, he He was in Nicaragua for a long time, and he and his team said it is good to restore it and we are at your service »Brenes announced.

Cardinal Brenes shows the charred face of the image of the Blood of Christ.

He also explained that “the possibility” is being studied of transferring the burned image to the neighboring country to start work due to the “fine work” that it requires due to the damage caused to many pieces that are going to be rebuilt. otherwise, “that would imply transferring people from here to there,” said the Nicaraguan cardinal.

Cardenal Leopoldo Brenes conmemora seis meses del atentado contra la Sangre de Cristo

«Already through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, visited me on behalf of the ambassador, the consul to say that are willing to supportThey are also doing a study and at a certain point they are going to visit us, but at first they told me that the image may have to be taken to Guatemala, ”Brenes explained.

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“We have been carrying out this process very calmly,” the cardinal emphatically addressed the parishioners who accompanied him in the Managua cathedral, adding that “we do not have the money at hand” and “the aid that arrives in cash immediately They are deposited in the bank “to avoid” bad intentions, that the sisters, that the priests, that the Archbishop is touching that money, no, that money I consider sacred because it comes from generous contributions from all of you.

On the other hand, Brenes recalled from his native municipality (Ticuantepe) a phrase from a priest who told him «clear accounts preserve friendships“, While thanking the donations and requesting” trust “to be able to carry out this work.

Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes with other bishops and priests.

“We remember that regrettable attack”

On January 31, the cardinal commemorated during a homily in the Cathedral of Managua the six months of the terrorist act to Blood of Christ. “It is with great sadness that we remember that regrettable attack every day,” said the leader of the Catholic Church.

The face of the Blood of Christ remains in a glass case as it was after the explosion, which occurred on July 31, 2020. The National Police did not follow the investigations and supported the “opinion” of the vice president, Rosario Murillo, who pointed out the causes of the fire was for a supposed candle, despite the fact that the corresponding expert opinion had not even been carried out.

The Catholic Church has maintained a tense relationship with the government of Daniel Ortega after the protests that broke out in April 2018. The Sandinista leader even called the priests “coup plotters” and accused them of “provoking” violence in the country. , as well as threats from fans of the presidential couple who have said that the next to be investigated by Law 1055 are the “cassocks.”

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