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I really wanted to be able to enjoy Imagine Dragons in our country after two great albums were scored in less than a year. The first stop was made at the Mad Cool Festival, but the most anticipated concert was, without a doubt, the one they would perform solo with their own tour, Mercury World Tour.

They played in an unusual setting for international artists, but more than deserved, as well as precious. Neither Madrid nor Barcelona, ​​but Santiago de Compostela It was the place that hosted a brilliant concert on July 11, no matter where you look at it and from which LOS40 was an official broadcaster. Monte do Gozo was the hill where the group gathered more than 30,000 peoplewho were able to enjoy two opening acts before the show began: the Canadian Mother Mother and the Galician Dani.

After the opening acts, this long-awaited concert began with It’s Time and a Dan Reynolds in a blue shirt, which he would take off after a few minutes of how hot he was. There was no shortage of lights, fireworks and confettiwhile singing the group’s biggest hits like Believe, Thunder, Demons y Radioactive. There was also no shortage of topics Mercury – Act. 1 nor the new songs of the second act, as Sharkswhich premiered on July 1.

A concert that began during the day and grew dark as Imagine Dragons made the audience vibrate. We are sure that it was an incredible moment, since the show was outdoors. Messages of peace, love and acceptance they were constant throughout the course of the show. The Ukrainian flag to ask for the end of the war and the LGTBI were also present. Ben McKee raised his guitar, which contained the colors of the Trans collective flag to claim the rights of these people.

Imagine Dragons knew how not to disappoint an audience who came from all parts of Spain, despite the fact that the concert was in a very specific part of the country. More than 30,000 people left their voices and danced to the songs of this iconic and simple group.

Mercury – Act. 2 new album

The concert in Santiago de Compostela was going to be very special, not only because it was the only concert of the tour that the group would perform, apart from the Mad Cool Festival, but also because they would do it right after the release of Mercury – Act. 2.

This new album has been released on July 1, as the second part of an album that bears the same name but is the first act. In this case, he sixth job of Imagine Dragons is powerful and with very energetic sounds that leave us topics like Sharks. They have also experimented with more tropical rhythms to bring some peace to a world that is sadly lacking in it: “This record is not about death, but about life. May every day be the best. May this record bring you joy”explains the group.

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