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Imane Fadil "has died poisoned by radioactive substances not available on the market"

MILAN – There was something terribly radioactive in the body of Imane Fadil, a mix of poisonous substances that for a month consumed the Moroccan model until it became a skeleton and killed her at 34 years old. They poisoned me, screamed before he died to his lawyer and his family. How he took the substances, if someone made them take it or if it is a disgrace, it is not known yet, but the Milan prosecutor's office opened an investigation for the murder on the death of the Moroccan model witnessed the prosecution in Ruby dinner proceedings elegant and after dinner at the residence of Silvio Berlusconi.

After that of Ruby's former lawyer, Egidio Verzini, who told of the 5 million euro paid to Karima El Mahroug by the leader of Forza Italia and then committed suicide in Switzerland, a new mystery hovers over the Ruby ter case, the one on the alleged corruption of witnesses that the former premier would have paid for saying the forgery in the first Ruby trial, where he was accused of child prostitution and undue induction and where he was finally acquitted.

Imane Fadil was not one of the girls who danced after dinner and had formed against Berlusconi and the other defendants because they considered themselves damaged by the negative media hype due to the juxtaposition to that environment they had frequented a few times hoping, she who was an expert in football, to become a sports journalist on TV.

He had not withdrawn the constitution of a civil party even after the defense of former Senator Maria Rosaria Rossi offered her 250,000 euros in compensation until shortly before the same request was rejected by the judges of the Ruby ter trial on January 14th. Constitution that remained in the Ruby bis constitution for former Tg4 director Emilio Fede and the former Lombardy regional councilor of the PDL Nicole Minetti who hangs on appeal.

A couple of weeks after that hearing, from which an angry and bitter exit, Imane Fadil felt so bad that it was necessary on January 29 to be admitted to the Humanitas Clinical Institute in Rozzano. Among the initial hypotheses of the doctors also an infection, the leptospirosis; then transfer to the ward. His condition has gradually worsened.

Impressively lost weight, she was transferred to the intensive care unit where she died on the morning of March 1st. his lawyer, Paolo Sevesi, said that he was lucid until the end, and that he was with his family members until the end. The causes of death are unclear and no illness was reported in the medical record that can be traced back to death, says attorney Francesco Greco. Following the investigation are the deputy prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano and the deputy Luca Gaglio, the same prosecutors in the Ruby ter trial who questioned some witnesses until late evening.

Only the confirmation of the suspected radioactive factor emerges from the strict privacy of the investigations, but autopsy and specific new tests will be needed to determine what it is.

Humanitas has already received a first answer. After doing all the toxicological tests in search of what he was killing Imane Fadil and finding nothing, at the end of February the health care professionals sent blood samples to a specialized laboratory in Pavia. The results arrived only on March 6, five days after the death.

They would be clear on the presence of a mix of radioactive substances that cannot be found normally on the market, declares a source. No option can be excluded, says the prosecutor Francesco Greco, according to whom it is necessary to ascertain everything to the full, not even excluding that it could be a terrible disease. The prosecutor also raises doubts about when the prosecutor's office learned of the woman's death: We heard about it a week ago from her lawyer. In a note, the clinic, on the other hand, states that immediately after death the judicial authority ordered the seizure of all the clinical documentation and the body and that the results of the toxicological tests were communicated to the investigators.

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