Ime Udoka Takes on the Challenge of Rebuilding the Rockets’ Team Dynamic

After his experience in Boston, Ime Udoka now finds himself on the bench of a badly broken franchise that needs order.

Indeed, the Rockets have a lot of individual talents like Jabari Smith, Jalen Green or Kevin Porter JR. Unfortunately, these talents are not used to their full potential due to the lack of collective.

“So far, a lot of these guys have had success on an individual basis. The idea is to turn this into a collective success. It’s my role as a coach, to push them and get the most out of them as a group. You have to take their individual talent, and they have plenty of it, but you always have to bring that to the mind of the team. » explains the coach at a press conference. Source : Kelly Iko.

A big challenge for the former Celtics coach who will have a whole other job to do in this franchise.

Mathis Sanchez

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