Imke from ‘Ex on the Beach’ surprises herself: «I have changed so much in one year!» (photo)

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&nbsp- 19/09/2022 om 17:22

Six months ago, Imke Roose announced on Instagram that she is suffering from a thyroid disorder. As a result, she has gained about 17 kilograms in one year.

Love yourself more

The 21-year-old blonde from Torhout yesterday posted a snapshot from exactly one year ago, when she weighed 17 kilos less. She herself is shocked by the difference with now, she explains. “Holy sh*t?! This photo was taken one year ago. I have changed so much in one year. Quite shocking actually, day after day you don’t see a difference. One year later, an immense difference. When I look at being happy, I used to get my happiness from other things. Today this is more and more family, friends and my job. I have come to love myself more. I used to feel terrible when I arrived, now I’m on the 17 kg extra since this photo. I don’t even feel bad about it. 17 kg to love extra», it sounds.


Her followers admire her positivity. “It’s good that you carry that realization with you! You can truly count yourself lucky!», «Sexy photo, Imke! And with a little more flesh you still look great”, and “You’re a great woman”, among other comments.

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Below is a photo from a few weeks ago:

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