Immediately after the reconciliation, the relationship between LL Junior and Blanka Dárdai reached a new level

Be a person on your feet who can follow you LL Junior and Blanka Dárdai relationship, since you never know when they are together or when they take a smile break. The 23-year-old singer and the rapper, who is 18 years older than her, got closer last year, and although they tried to hide their romance at first, they were unsuccessful. moreover, the romantic idyll did not last long either. In February, they said goodbye to each other in tears, because Junior moved to Dominica for three months, and Blanka stayed at home, saying: if they really love each other, their relationship can withstand this distance. Well, they couldn’t stand the distance, but this also proved their love: the singer got on a plane and went straight to the rapper… But the happiness ended quickly, the fire either went out quickly or burned with too much flame…

The smile break between LL Junior and Blanka Dárdai is over (Photo: Máté Krisztián)

At the moment, we are not together with Blanka, there is a little smile break between us. We’ll see how it ends. It may be that everything between us is finally over, but it may not be

– the rapper declared on Péter Hajdú’s show, who then denied the smile break after the broadcast. Last Friday, Junior and Blanka were seen hanging out at one of Budapest’s hottest breakfast spots at the XIII. district, and then they appeared together at a public event of one of the popular nightclubs in Pest. So it can be stated that they managed to find each other again.

Love is raging between Blanka Dárdai and LL Junior (Photo: Facebook / Kiosk)

They spent the day with Lili

Although they have not yet communicated directly on their social media pages that their feelings have rekindled, it is no secret to those who are more attentive that they spend all their free time together. It was the same the other day, when Junior shared several photos with his daughter, Lili. According to the recordings, they took part in an organized, joint game where, among other things, they molded dinos out of plasticine. But it wasn’t just the two of them, Blanka Dárdai also participated in the event…

This also means that the singer met in the meantime Junior and Kinga Körtvélyessy with their little girl also, i.e their relationship may have really turned serious after the last smile break.

Blanka Dárdai met LL Junior’s daughter (Photo: Instagram)

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2023-05-31 11:00:16