“Immediately super green pass and third mandatory dose”

Campania holds up, but the number of new Covid cases is starting to worry. The President of the Region Vincenzo De Luca, on the sidelines of the presentation of the program for Procida Capital of Culture, beat the Government: “The super green pass? We are already late”. Until about twenty days ago, the governor expressed a certain serenity, even going so far as to declare, during one of his social speeches on Friday, that Campania was heading towards the end of the emergency.

A few weeks and the scenario seems to have changed again, as has already happened several times in the 20 months of the pandemic. For De Luca, the responsibility is still to be attributed to Rome: “I do not understand what is expected of the mandatory third dose for health and school personnel. We are registering a worrying increase in infections at school. Every week that is lost means thousands of new cases “.

The super green pass is a measure that the whole of Europe is thinking about. If it were to come into force it would mean that to access certain places the green certification obtained with a negative swab would no longer be enough, but that for a completed vaccination cycle (double dose) or for recovery from Covid in the last six months would be necessary.

For De Luca there is also the gritty Corte dei Conti, which has vetoed the reimbursements given by the Region to private clinics since the beginning of the pandemic. The governor flaunted serenity: “I want to explain to the Court of Auditors the goodness of our work and of the regional health system which, especially a year ago, avoided a massacre”.


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