“Immigration with limits? Right, but then the Lamorgese …” – Libero Quotidiano

“Well woke up Draghi”. Giorgia Melonion Twitter, welcomes the premier’s “turning point” with satisfaction and a little sarcasm Mario Draghi on immigration and landings. Despite the line of open ports stubbornly defended by the owner of the Interior Ministry, the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgeseand from the center-left component of the majority, the Italian premier on a mission to Ankara by the Turkish premier Erdogan (the man who actually holds the keys to a part of illegal immigration to Europe, controlling the flow from Syria and Middle East) has gone unbalanced by pronouncing clear and strong words, and a little surprising.

“The management of immigration must be humane, fair and effective. We try to save migrants – said Draghi -. Italy is the most open country. But one cannot be open without limits. At a certain point, the country that welcomes it can no longer take it: it is a point that we make in the EU we have limits and now we are facing them, we are getting there “.

Check out Giorgia Meloni’s post on Draghi and Lamorgese here

“Well woke up Draghi – writes Meloni on Twitter -. In 2021 alone, over 60 thousand immigrants landed in Italy: numbers that increase dramatically thanks to the incompetence of the Minister you have placed at the head of the Interior Ministry”. Then the political thrust of the leader of Brothers of Italy who will also agree Matteo Salvini and the Lega: “‘You can’t be open without limits’? Right. So why didn’t you remove Lamorgese?”.

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