Immorality, immorality and lightning details… Renewing the imprisonment of an Egyptian Tik Toker

After he was accused of spreading immorality, immorality and insulting farmers in Egypt, the court decided to renew the detention of the famous Egyptian Tic Toker Ibrahim Khalil, known as “Ibrahim Malik”, for 15 days pending investigations.

This came days after the Alexandria Prosecution decided to imprison the accused for only 4 days, and transferred him to the Kom Hamada police station in Beheira Governorate, in preparation for his presentation to the Economic Court.

psychiatric disturbances

While the investigations and the statements of neighbors and residents of his village of Al-Tayria, affiliated to the city of Kom Hamada in the Buhair governorate, revealed shocking details, as it was found that Ibrahim has an average qualification, not a bachelor’s degree in engineering, as he claims, and he was working in a gas company in Alexandria.

She also explained that he was introverted and suffered from psychological disorders, and had married more than once, and none of his marriages lasted only a few months.

I am a descendant of Hercules

The information also showed that Ibrahim claimed that he resides in Greece, and that he is a descendant of Hercules, and he was asking the girls to dance in front of him in a live broadcast on Tik Tok, and he abused farmers in other videos.

For his part, the founder of the campaign to purify the community and the author of one of the communications against TikToker, lawyer Ashraf Farhat, said that the accused is not single, but divorced and has two sons, indicating that he committed a crime of misusing social media in violation of Law 175 of 2018 Anti-Cybercrime Law, Violation of the principles and values ​​of Egyptian society in accordance with the text of Article 25 of the same law.

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He also added that he will be punished with imprisonment for a period of no less than 6 months, and a fine of no less than 50 thousand pounds and not more than 100 thousand pounds, or one of these two penalties that affect anyone who assaults any of the principles or family values ​​​​in Egyptian society or violates the sanctity of private life.

insult the peasants

It was also revealed that the accused had insulted and degraded the peasants

He also accused “Ibrahim Malik” of inciting girls to immorality and immorality, through those videos that he broadcast on Tik Tok, according to his claim.