Immovable. In Strasbourg, Dijon… How much have rents increased over the past year?

If 2021 was the year that saw the lowest increase in rents in France during the health crisis (+0.3% in major French cities at the start of 2021), this is not the case in 2022. According to a study * of the SeLoger real estate advertisement portal, it amounts to 2% over one year in the 50 largest cities in France, on the 1is June 2022.

A 2% increase in rents nationwide

While inflation reached 5.8% in June 2022 according to INSEE, the increase in rents over one year is on average 2% in the 50 largest cities in France and 0.7% in Paris, according to Housing.

Grenoble, Strasbourg, Dijon… in the national average

The rent increase for a 45 m apartment2 rented empty in Grenoble, Strasbourg and Dijon is within the national average, with respectively + 2%, + 2.2% and + 1.9% over one year.

Saint-Étienne: an increase greater than the “rent shield”

The increase in rents is already higher than the “rent shield” planned by the government (increase capped at 3.5% over one year) in seven cities among the 50 largest cities in France studied by SeLoger.

Thus, the increase in rent over one year for a 45 m2 rented empty is 8% in Angers, 4.9% in Saint-Nazaire, 4% in Saint-Étienne and 3.7% in Poitiers. Moreover, it is in Saint-Étienne that rents for all properties combined (empty and furnished rentals) are increasing the most, with +2.9% over three months, ahead of Limoges (+1.8%), Angers and Avignon (+1.7%).

Besançon: they fall over three months

Conversely, rents fell over three months, between -1.3% and -1.5% in Besançon, Brest, Reims and Quimper.

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Lyon: the highest rent for a furnished rental

Except in Paris where it is €1,503 per month (excluding charges), the average rent for a 45 m² apartment rented furnished is the highest in Lyon, around €931 per month.

For the same apartment but rented empty, you have to pay €745 (excluding charges) per month in Lyon (-0.8% over one year).

* Rents excluding charges and evolution of rents in the 50 largest cities in France and their outskirts on 1is June 2022 informed on the online advertisements of the SeLoger site.