Immovable. In Strasbourg, Dijon, Metz… Did prices increase further in the second quarter of 2022?

In this pivotal period, how is the old real estate market behaving in our territory? What major trends have been observed over the past three months?

Answers with the barometer* of the real estate agency network Guy Hoquet l’Immobilier.

Stabilization of selling prices on the national territory

Yes 2 o’clocke quarter of 2022 shows a price increase of 6.8% compared to the same period in 2021, this increase remains moderate compared to the 1is quarter 2022 (+1.7%).

However, inflation remains very marked on the price of houses with a price per m2up 3.6% (to €2,796 per m2), compared to 1is quarter of 2022. But it slows down slightly compared to the 2e quarter of 2021 where it had increased by 10.8%.

The apartment market shows relatively controlled price changes: + 2.7% compared to 1is quarter of 2022, according to Guy Hoquet l’Immobilier’s barometer.

Rising prices in our region

The prices per m2 continue to increase in the Eastern region and beyond the national averages. Thus, they posted + 1.8% in one quarter and + 11.1% in one year.

While the number of properties put up for sale also continues to increase overall, the apartment market is marking time at -5% on 2e quarter of 2022. It is therefore the home segment that maintains the regional market. You have to pay €263,000 to enjoy a 136 m house2.

Strasbourg: engine of the East region

Au 2e quarter of 2022, prices broke a new record to reach €4,318 per m2 on average, all segments combined, up 5.1% in one quarter and 14.1% in one year. It is thus necessary to have 794,000 € to benefit from a house of 180 m2.

And yet, this upward trend is not to be linked to a drop in supply. Indeed, the number of goods put on the market is up by 6.2% compared to the 2e quarter 2021.

Nancy: a return to calm

In Nancy, on the market for rare houses, supply is increasing and so are prices, while on the apartment market a general decline is observed. “An observation to put into perspective, because it is a one-off phenomenon on limited volumes”, remarks Guy Hoquet l’Immobilier.

Indeed, apartments, which represent the bulk of the local market, saw their price per m2 increase by 5.1% in one year, with supply down by 9.2%.

Metz: an increasing supply of apartments

Metz follows the regional trend but in an amplified way with an offer (+ 11.4% compared to 1is quarter of 2022) and prices per m2 (+4.1%) which continued to grow overall.

A local specificity exists: the number of apartments put on the market increased over the period (+ 8.8%) as over one year (+ 17.2%), while they are becoming rarer over the whole of the East area.

Dijon: prices drop compared to 1is quarter 2022

Dijon is an exception in Guy Hoquet l’Immobilier’s barometer. It is one of the cities to see its prices per m2 decrease compared to the beginning of the year (- 1% compared to the 1is quarter of 2022) in the East region.

But over one year, they increased by 4.4%.

Besançon: the price of rarity

Houses are rare in Besançon. Supply was stable over a quarter but down over a year (-2.3%). And this is reflected in prices, which show + 6.6% compared to the previous quarter and even + 15.2% compared to the 2e quarter of 2021. You have to invest nearly €405,000 to take advantage of 150 m2 in the Comtois capital.

As for apartments, supply remains dynamic at +4.1%. However, real estate prices continued to rise with +2.6% in 2e quarter of 2022 compared to the 1is quarter 2022.

* Announcements of properties in the old (apartments and houses) published between 1is January 2021 and June 30, 2022. Sources: restated Yanport data (deletion of properties for which price and/or surface area are not mentioned and announcements concerning new programs, life annuities, auctions or presenting errors of seizure…). Real estate portals studied: SeLoger, Leboncoin, PAP, Bien’ici, MeilleursAgents, AVendre ALouer, Logic-immo, Belles Demeures, Le Figaro Properties, Figaro Immo, Immonot, etc. Calculations and analyzes carried out by Guy Hoquet l’Immobilier.