Impeachment 1868: The most epic impeachment ever

Dhe lawyer Alan M. Dershowitz, member of “Team Trump”, boasted that he had found the decisive argument that secured the president’s acquittal in the impeachment process: the abuse of power that the Democrats accused Trump of is not enough to him To remove from office. This would require a “breach of the law” and there could be no question of that.

Dershowitz cited a precedent: in 1868, in the impeachment against President Andrew Johnson, his lawyer Benjamin Curtis similarly argued that the President had been acquitted. The newspaper “Politico” corrected Dershowitz: It was not the plea of ​​his lawyer that saved Johnson, but a bribed senator who changed his mind overnight and voted for the president. “Politico” recommended Dershowitz to read the impeachment procedure of 1868 carefully.



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