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Impeachment and path to redemption for Trump


President Trump and his supporters are choosing a much different path than Bill Clinton’s redemption, and much more than Richard Nixon, who refused, refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing. stake in Ukraine as a strategy to convict and beat his beat. But there may be much compensation.

Presidents Richard Nixon, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photos: Chick Harrity / AP, AP, Luke Frazza / AFP through Getty Images)

Clinton was a great success after accepting his indiscretions with Monica Lewinsky. When Clinton and his supporters were unwilling to acknowledge error, the steam was largely removed from the dispatches of independent barristers Kenneth Starr and the prescribed house managers seeking to remove the president. As the drama drama that took place in the late 90s, I remember speaking to a 6 year old woman who was the principal of the school where my children attended. She pulled me aside and said, “At least Clinton took him. Why don’t they leave it now so that they can do their job. “I shared this story with Clinton during an interview and told him:“ I never had enough votes when you won the 6-foot lady. He smiled and praised the nun for his good sense, before she acknowledged his own regret. The fault didn’t come easily to Clinton. But it allowed him to complete his presidency on a positive, productive note.

President Bill Clinton in the White House on August 17, 1998, just before he delivered his television address about his evidence earlier that day for a major federal jury about his participation with Monica Lewinsky, a former White House intern. (Photo: Luke Frazza / AFP through Getty Images)

Nixon took a very different approach. He looked at himself as a political poacher who was constantly fighting with enemies. He refused to spin the damn tapes of his conversations in the Oval Office until the end. He had only been shot by the prosecutor Archibald Cox in Saturday night in 1973 and a significant decision of the Supreme Court in U. v. Nixon ordered him to release the tapes revealed by his presidency.

Even after Nixon’s resignation, he resolutely fought against admitting guilt. He even fought with his own lawyer, Herbert “Jack” Miller, and rejected the proposed pardon when President Gerald Ford’s solicitor, Benton Becker, informed him that a decision of the Supreme Court of 1915, Burdick v. US, the opinion that a pardon was accepted. admit guilt. Even after reaching a deal, Nixon did not change his mind but accepted the pardon an hour before Ford was to announce it on national television, because he did not want to issue an apology. Until the bitter end, Nixon fought against injustice to admit any kind.

President Richard Nixon waves from his helicopter stages on August 9, 1974, after giving a farewell address to White House staff. (Photo: Chick Harrity / AP)

So far, Trump refused to refuse to acknowledge inappropriate behavior that worked for him, just as he first did for Nixon. In the end, however, it is a dangerous square. The American community can love and encourage a butcher. However, it will become increasingly difficult for its supporters to keep it protected once more facts are set out for the public in a Seanad trial.

One of the most important times in my interviews came with Clinton in 2005, when I asked him how he looked at the scandals that had influenced his presidency. Clinton looked energetically at the window and said: “There were some positive features. I mean, you know, if you live in a busy life, there is a risk that a lot of your life goes without harm, both the good parts and the bad parts of it. And then we all have secrets, and we are entitled to them. But when you are publicly humiliated as I was, you do not think there is anything to hide you anymore. What people never say about you again is for the rest of your life. And it is a type of liberation. ”

Clinton concluded that the temporary fall of him was from painful grace, but he was still very therapeutic for him. He said: “I did anything if I hadn’t done it and anything that didn’t happen – but there were some incredible moments. In addition to the fact that my family came through and the community stayed with me. ”

Bill and Hillary Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea, leave the White House with his dog, Buddy, on their way to Martha’s Vineyard on 18 August, 1998, the day after their television launch. (Photo: Luke Frazza / AFP through Getty Images)

For Republicans who were unable to make a simple majority even on either compulsory section, Clinton emerged in the Seanad trial. He did so in part because he, his White House lawyers and his defendants in the Seanad, had attempted to apologize for these judgments and decided not to refuse them. Penitence allowed Clinton to seek forgiveness and find a path to redemption, which the American community seems to be willing to give generously.

Trump’s most effective way is not only to tackle the progressive events but to end this problem and to create a strong position from which to control it, adhere to the Clinton model rather than the Nixon path. .

It would be a clever, demo and, completely, ruthless movement for Trump to express regret and ask the American public to move on for the good of the nation. Especially because of the latest, most recent information from Lev Parnas, which has impeded Trump in the Ukrainian business even deeper, blanket friction of the president is hitting hollow and they are not promoting his cause. True, a man who went in when “Access Hollywood” tapes were released, and the mentor, lawyer Roy Cohn, lived at the credit, is not easily apologized: “Always attacked. Never apologize. “That’s why a sincere apology would have a powerful and effective impact. Trump should come up with a microphone in the Rose Garden, as the safety test starts, and state: “I had time with my family over the last few weeks to think about these things, and I now see that I called the President. Volodymyr Zelensky is not a great call. Indeed, I admit that it was a bad idea, and I can make sure that it does not happen again. ”If this were to happen, Trump’s approved ratings would depend up and the Seanad trial trial would do – just as it did with Clinton – as the public’s support changed strongly against conviction and involvement.

Of course, it is easy to write those words of compromise on paper and imagine a way out for this president. But Trump can only speak it.

Ken Gormley is president of Duquesne University. Author is a on Watergate and “American death: Clinton vs.. Starr ” about Clinton’s investigations and evasion.


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