Implementation of organ donation management and coordination software

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The Cho Rây hospital presents its management and coordination software for organ donations and transplants.

Nguyên Tri Thuc, Director of Cho Rây Hospital, said that the most difficult part of organ donation and transplantation so far is ensuring transparency, objectivity and creating donor confidence. . In the past, the most common questions donors’ relatives asked of organ transplant coordinators included: How can we be sure that donated organs are not commercialized? Have the organs been transplanted into someone who really needs them?

Therefore, one of the coordinators’ responsibilities is to increase consensus on organ donation in order to save lives, increase the source of organ donations, and scientifically manage the selection and coordination so that this meaningful work be transparent and fair. To solve this important issue, Cho Rây Hospital has been cooperating since 2019 with Thông Nhât Hospital and Number 2 Pediatric Hospital to implement an inter-institutional coordination network project on human organ donation and transplantation. To do this, the most important thing is to create software capable of receiving, managing and selecting the information necessary for optimal organ transplantation.

The Dr Du Thi Ngoc Thu, head of organ donation and human organ donation coordination unit at Cho Ray Hospital, said that the main objective of this software is to be completely transparent about the reception and coordination of organ transplantation. Once the donor and recipient information is updated on this system, it is then encrypted to ensure confidentiality. The parameters are systematically detailed and noted according to each category. This software automatically selects the most appropriate organ recipient for each donor using information in terms of medical history such as blood type, compatibility and medical history, among others. “This software will ensure the selection of an accurate and objective transplant recipient that no one can influence. There will therefore be no prioritization or fraud in the coordination and selection of organ transplant recipients.”said Thu.

The Dr Pham Ngoc Thach, deputy director of the No. 2 Children’s Hospital, said that so far, organ transplants at his facility have all been done by living donors. However, with an increasing number of children with congenital biliary atresia with kidney failure awaiting transplant, it becomes paramount in the coming times to mobilize the organs of brain dead people and / or in cardiac arrest. “With the application of transparent and open software like this, it will be easier to create consensus among relatives of a deceased person and this will help in more organ donations, thus providing more chances of life to many young children”said the Dr Thach.

Initially, the system will only accept information about those who register for organ transplants in Ho Chi Minh City. In the future, Cho Ray Hospital will seek permission from the National Organ Transplant Coordination Center to expand the target nationwide.

Texte et photo : Quang Chau/CVN