Importance of life insurance for you and your family

Many people assume that acquiring life insurance is not necessary, this happens due to the lack of knowledge about its importance and great benefits. Through life insurance, in the event of an unexpected event, your family will have financial protection, in such case you cannot be held responsible. You will have the peace of mind knowing that nothing will be missing. In addition, there are life insurance policies that offer additional services that you can enjoy in the present.🍃🌱

It is key to note that A life insurance allows to have economic support to the designated beneficiaries, in the event of death, or depending on the case, it can also cover disability, serious illness or accident of the insured person. 💚

🔗 What to take into account when purchasing life insurance?

What is the importance of life insurance?

On another occasion we have shared that life insurance can be considered as an act of love towards the couple, the children, the family; being this, a product that will protect your loved ones in case something happens and unable to fulfill their duties. ✍️

That’s how it is. Generally, it is the children, spouse or parents who they receive the insured capital, or sum of money, according to the Life Insurance purchased. It is clear that the most precious thing there is is life and family, for this reason, there are no doubts to be calm that those who love They will have everything covered if one day it is necessary.

What is a insurance of life?

It is a solid economic source to solve unexpected situations, for the person who takes it and their beneficiaries. Yes, it is a way to protect and secure the future of the family when the person who answers for it and provides income cannot take over. 💰

A life insurance is that product that allows “guarantee the economic stability of his family in the event of his death or the lack of income caused by a disability or an illness that prevents him from performing work that generates income”, according to the union entity of the insurance sector in Colombia, Fasecolda.

🔗 What is life insurance and what is it for?

🔗 The advantages of having insurance in times of uncertainty

Why buy life insurance?

It is important to review some reasons and life insurance benefits. Let’s see some:

  1. have a savings plan

    Thanks to the payment of a premium, profitability is obtained for the savings. If the policyholder dies, their beneficiaries receive the accumulated savings. In other cases, the savings are long-term and can supplement retirement. 👍

  2. Cover the risk of death, invalidity, illness or incapacity

    We are not sure when something life-threatening is going to happen, so it will always be better make the decision today and not leave the matter for later.

  3. Securing the future of children

    Rest assured that your education and maintenance will be covered, in case of an unexpected situation. 🌿

  4. Support in funeral expenses

    When you are in the middle of a situation of saying goodbye to your loved one, what you need is have zero worries about the money that must be paid. The importance of life insurance is that it precisely serves to keep this process under control. 👈

  5. Benefits to enjoy now

    According to the life insurance purchased, you can take advantage of services and assistance transportation to the airport, prenatal check-ups, on the day of delivery, emergencies during a trip abroad and many more, depending on the coverage and membership clauses. 🤝

Protect, ensure the future of the family and have financial support These are the main reasons for having life insurance. Especially in these times of high risk for doctors and health professionals. In Bolivar Insurancewe care about everyone’s well-being, that’s why we invite you to review which is the most convenient Life Insurance for you and your family. 💚

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Originally published in March 2021

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