Important Fluids in Cars That Must Be Checked After Lebaran Homecoming


Important fluids in the car need to be checked after long trips, severe traffic jams and high durations such as going home for Eid. Photo/DOC.

JAKARTA – Some important fluids in the car need to be checked after long and high-duration trips such as going home for Eid or Eid. So, don’t let when you arrive at your destination, the car is immediately forced to work hard again.

Because long-distance travel and high duration will certainly make the car work higher than usual. Logically, a car that works harder will certainly make the condition of the car use more of the existing fluid.

Especially if the car is faced with extreme congestion conditions like what happened in the backflow of Lebaran this year. Evaporation of some important fluids in the car will certainly occur.

“For example, engine oil that does not have a special cooling system so that it is difficult to release excess heat when it is badly jammed. As a liquid, naturally oil will experience evaporation at high temperatures,” wrote Auto2000 in an official statement.

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Well, here’s a look at some fluids that you really need to check after forcing the car to work hard to travel long distances. Let’s look!

1. Air Radiator

The first fluid in the car that must be checked after traveling back and forth is the radiator. Checking the radiator water can be said to be mandatory, especially for car owners who go through severe traffic jams. As is known, the radiator water has the potential to decrease more when the vehicle is stuck in traffic.

However, regardless of whether from a long trip or not, car owners should check this radiator water regularly before it decreases a lot or even runs out.