Important PKW announcement. It is the second round of elections

Information began to appear on the internet that voters voting on 28 June 2020 for the candidate with the highest number of votes were not to participate in the re-vote on 12 July 2020, since only voters who voted votes for other candidates. The PKW clearly emphasizes that this information is false.

All voters have the right to participate in the second round of elections – reminds PKW, adding that the voter voting in the first round has no influence on this right. “This results from the rules for conducting the election of the President of the Republic of Poland set out in Articles 62 and 127 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and in the provisions of the Act of 5 January 2011 – Electoral Code (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 684 and 1504 and 2020 item 568). In addition, the secrecy of voting ensures that the voting method of the voter on June 28, 2020 may not affect his eligibility to participate in voting again or the inclusion of his vote in this vote “- we read on the website Commission.

The PKW emphasizes that the dissemination of information that may mislead voters is highly harmful. “It should be particularly blameworthy to refer in such materials to the alleged decisions of the National Electoral Commission, as well as to disseminate such information by persons holding public functions,” we read.


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