Important victory for SC Langenthal against EHC Winterthur

As reported by SC Langenthal, the men achieved an important 5:4 win in a spectacular duel with EHC Winterthur.

SC Langenthal celebrates after a shot on goal. – Langenthal – SC Langenthal


After ten defeats in the last twelve games, SC Langenthal was looking to win the game against EHC Winterthur.

Luca Wyss, outnumbered, jumped towards a disc, offensively made checks and tried to speed up the game.

However, this did not really work out at the beginning. The last pass was often too imprecise, the shot was missing or Winterthur cleverly intercepted the SCL attack.

Error in the first section

It was unfortunate that the guest was also able to exploit the one big mistake in the first section to make it 1-0.

A pass in front of his own goal, in which Simon Rytz was guarding that evening, became a dangerous template for Winterthur.

After a shot, Gaëtan Jobin deflected a shot from Dario Bartholet. The start of the second section was all the more important.

Shot by Theo Beglieri

It was Haralds Egle who rounded the opponent’s goal and finally shot from not too short a distance after his round and promptly caught the opposing keeper in the far corner.

And that’s not all: When Steven Whitney stood alone in front of the almost empty goal after a face-off victory by Noah Fuss, he only doubled 21 to 1:1.

Unfortunately, the SCL did the same in Winterthur: After a counterattack, Theo Beglieri shot from the best position and scored 19 seconds after the 2-1 to make it 2-2.

Back in the lead just before the break

As a result, the duel calmed down a bit. Opportunities would actually still have existed on both sides, but the attacks were carried out in a somewhat more controlled manner.

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Another goal followed shortly before the second break – and this allowed the SCL to take the lead again.

Just a few moments after the SCL had established itself in the third, Yves Müller came to the end and somehow circled the disc past everyone.

With the new lead, this time with 3:2 goals, the Oberaargau went into the last break.

Laurin Liniger scored to make it 4:2

In the final third, events then rolled over. First Noah Fuss saved on the goal line, then Laurin Liniger scored to make it 4:2.

Winterthur then equalized within 41 seconds thanks to a double strike, before Steven Whitney scored 16 seconds later to make it 5:4.

Hard to believe but true: after this goal there were still enough goals.

Langenthal saved the lead against six players from Winterthur and celebrated an important win against the penultimate team in the table.

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