Impressed, Police Explain Why Improper Hanging Himself Causes Death

PEKANBARU – The case of the death of a Civil Servant (PNS) with his head hanging from a cloth on the handle of a silver Daihatsu Terios car Nopol 1389 VX, which was parked in the basement of the Riau DPRD Office, on Saturday (10/9), is confirmed to be a suicide. However, some parties still feel strange, because the position of the corpse did not hang himself with the whole body hanging in the air.

Responding to this, the Forensic Doctor of the Bhayangkara Hospital of the Riau Police, Kompol Supriyanto explained, this case of hanging is known as incomplete hanging. However, death by incomplete hanging may still occur.

“Many friends ask. But this case has happened before, and we also did not find any signs of strangulation, which was marked by the fracture of the cartilage in the neck,” he said.

According to him, the time of death with incomplete hanging is relatively longer than hanging himself completely or complete hanging. Death by hanging occurs due to an obstructed airway.

“Simply pressing the weight of the head alone can cause death (by compressing the airway). We also found that there was blood discharge from the nose, this is common in hanging, because the nasal blood vessels are thinner and when there is pressure that clogs blood into the brain, will cause the blood to come out,” he explained.

In addition, he also ensured that the victim was not pregnant or using illegal substances. The victim died with an estimated time of 24 hours to 36 hours when the autopsy will be carried out.

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“According to the procedure we have carried out an examination, in the autopsy there was no pregnancy or use of drugs (narcotics, psychotropics, and other addictive substances),” he concluded.

Previously, the Pekanbaru Police revealed that the death of Fitri (40) whose body was found hanging on the door of the silver Daihatsu Terios car Nopol 1389 VX, which was parked in the basement of the Riau DPRD Office, on Saturday (10/9), was a suicide.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Pekanbaru Police, Kompol Andrie Setiawan, in a press conference on Friday (16/9/2022) said this was revealed after the police concluded all the evidence and witness statements as well as the results of the autopsy on the corpse.

“On the victim’s body what we found were bruises on the tip of the tongue, the tongue was bitten and protruded, there was blunt force from the ties used to hang himself, suppressing the breath to cause asphyxia (suffocation). another body, which is at risk of death,” he said.

“We did not find any indications or signs that contradict the case of suicide. So it is stated that the victim died by hanging himself,” he explained.

Andrie explained that the statement of the victim committing suicide was strengthened by the findings of evidence in the field. Where, there is a selfie of the victim on his cellphone moments before his death.

“We found the victim taking a selfie. There was also a finding that the victim was still communicating at 13.10 WIB to the witness with the initials of HAM, and the victim sent a message apologizing to her child at 14.14 WIB,” he explained.

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Not only that, the testimony of the witness, the initials SM, who is considered the victim’s spiritual teacher, stated that the victim had complained and had done rukiah several times (a method of healing the sick by praying).

“Based on our follow-up investigation, the victim also did not lose any personal or valuable items,” he said.

Andrie said the police had examined 28 witnesses from the victim’s work environment, family and office, as well as general witnesses. ***