impressions of the new expansion Murder at Castle Nathria

Hearthstone is one of the titles that has been known to adapt to all players and prevailed in a market where every day, hundreds of games free to play appear for mobile devices and now, Blizzard’s proposal presents its new expansion Murder at Castle Nathria.

Thanks to our friends from Blizzard Latin America, we had access anticipation of new content Hearthstone which will officially launch andl next August 2 and yes, it has quite interesting things to veterans as for players who retake the title

The first thing that we must detail is that Murder at Castle Nathriaintroduces us two very important novelties: one that is the Location Cards and a new keyword: Infusewhich also brings a number of interesting mechanics that will deal damage even if a card is destroyed.

Over several games we had with other players during theorycrafting and after a few turns, we understood how the new additions coming to Hearthstone work and how friendly can be for newbies

Regarding Place cards, are cards that we could consider a double-edged swordbecause when you put them, you will have to wait a turn to activate their abilities, some of them are very good, but you run the risk that on your enemy’s turn they will be destroyed.

As for Infuse, is completely focused on the anima of allied minions that they are close to dying; our infuse card will transform into a much more powerful one at as the anima falls on it.

In the end, the mechanic translates into other ways to affect the enemy, such as causer damage to some enemies after card destruction.

An important point to note, is that the new cards that Hearthstone brings in Murder at Castle Nathria, is thatthat work with the previously existing, So it is It is advisable to have some knowledge of the game to take advantage of all the potential.

Although players who have enjoyed Hearthstone and have abandoned it can return right now with the new expansion, newbies will probably end up a bit confused, so it is advisable to first know how the mechanics, archetypes and others before launching into the novelty.

In the end, this new expansion gives us a more creative way to enjoy the clashes and plays, in addition to certain tools to enhance our deck and dedicate several hours of play to the entertaining games.

Hearthstone: Murder at Castle Nathria will be available on August 2.

Axel Amézquita is an editor at IGN Latin America, a comiquero by birth, with a taste for cinema, photography, video games and great stories. You can follow him on social media like @AxxRess