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A 51 year old man, Japanese, suffered a stroke immediately after masturbating. The gentleman, who used to play around more than once a day, was hit, as mentioned, a few seconds after reaching his very personal apex, as explained in an article in the Daily Mail relaunched by Dagospia.

Luckily, he got away with little: a terrible headache, vomiting, so much so that he went to the emergency room, where the stroke was treated in time and without serious consequences. Indeed, it was discovered that the stroke was only after a brain scan, which revealed a subarachnoid hemorrhage, ie the rupture of a blood vessel. The 51-year-old was discharged after two weeks, in conditions that have been described as “excellent”.

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And after what happened, Dr. Masahiro Oomura and colleagues, who published the report on the case, offered no explanation as to why she may have suffered a stroke from masturbation. This was done by the Japanese National Health Service, which claims that brain bleeding can occur as a result of physical exertion, such as lifting something heavy or having sex.

It is thought that there are about 4,800 cases of subarachnoid hemorrhage every year in the UK and are more common in people between the ages of 45 and 70. If the bleeding is not the result of a head injury, it is most often the result of a rupture in a blood vessel, called a brain aneurysm.

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But that is not all. Doctor Daniel Walsh, a consultant cerebrovascular neurosurgeon at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, explained al MailOnline how the aneurysm that caused the Japanese patient’s heart attack is linked to a sudden rise in blood pressure. And again, he added that it is “something characteristic” in sexual activity. Consider that sexual activity of various kinds, including masturbation, is linked to a percentage between 3.8% and 14% of all cases of subarachnoid haemorrhage, concluded the doctor. Numbers that make you think …

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