Imprisonment and forced vaccination possible for those unwilling to vaccinate

Berlin. The Göttingen constitutional lawyer Alexander Thiele believes that a compulsory vaccination is conceivable in order to implement a possible general corona vaccination obligation. “The possibilities start with a fine, but imprisonment or compulsory vaccination are also possible,” Thiele told the newspapers of the Funke media group. It is not the aim of a general vaccination requirement that rich people can buy themselves out of compulsion. “The state is not as defenseless as it sounds.”

The decision as to the consequences of refusing the vaccination is a political one, said the lawyer. This debate must take place in Parliament. “Because the course of the fourth wave does not depend on a compulsory vaccination, we also have the necessary time to think about it and debate it.”

Foreclosure of the corona vaccination

Constitutional lawyer Christian Pestalozza also believes that severe sanctions are possible, for example fines and, in the case of repeated violations, high penalties. As a last step, foreclosure must also be considered. “That means that someone is brought before the vaccination doctor by the police,” Pestalozza told the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND). In a democracy, however, it shouldn’t come to that.

According to the Göttingen constitutional lawyer Thiele, compulsory corona vaccination, as has recently been demanded by some politicians in Germany, must be regulated in the Infection Protection Act. In the current situation, according to Thiele, such an obligation is also compatible with the Basic Law. “A compulsory vaccination can prevent us as a society from getting into the same situation every year,” said the constitutional lawyer. “This affects the right of third parties to physical integrity, as well as general freedom of action, freedom of occupation and other legal interests.”

The state also has a responsibility to ensure that social life can be carried on in freedom. “From my point of view, the situation carries a general vaccination requirement.”