Imprudence: driving with 2.29 grams of alcohol in the blood

They continued through the weekend. control operations on the routes of the region. The inspections are carried out in conjunction with the National Security Agency and by the Cipolletti and Cinco Saltos Road Safety Corps. on national routes 22 and 151.

The head of the Cipolletti Road Corps, Ceferino Purrn seal a better informed that 26 drunk drivers were detected between Friday night and early Sunday morning

He added that the highest graduation was recorded after 11 p.m. this Saturday. In the control carried out by the Cinco Saltos Road Corps, on National Route 151. A 53-year-old man residing in Contralmirante Cordero was driving a Chevrolet Corsa 2 with 2.29 g/l of alcohol in his blood. As in these cases, the vehicle and documentation were retained.

The controls will continue this Sunday.