Different sources indicate different maximum power, but certainly this Mercedes had about 550 hp.

No matter how big a fan you are of Mercedes, the name S73 T AMG is unlikely to tell you much. Only 18 pieces of the model were assembled, and as many as 15 of them went to the Sultan of Brunei in the mid-90s of last century.

Exactly how much Sultan Hasanal Bolkiah paid is not clear at all, but his order was quite specific. He wanted to get the fastest and most luxurious van in the world. And he got it in the form of an S-Class station wagon with a monstrous engine.

The car is based on the W140 generation of the S-Class sedan, but the front is taken from the 600SEC coupe. The layout of the boot, roof and rear panels is entirely individual from Mercedes and never reappears in series production.

Under the hood of the S73 T AMG is a hand-assembled 48-valve aluminum V12 engine M120, which has been enlarged from the standard 6.0-liter configuration to a huge 7.3 liters of displacement. Later in the same decade, AMG supplied such an engine for the Pagani Zonda S 7.3.

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