In the last years of their careers, Lionel Messi Y Cristiano Ronaldo they could fulfill the biggest dream of any soccer fan: playing together for the first time in the same team. As well? According to the newspaper 'The Times' published on Sunday, the Argentine has become one of the objectives of David Beckham for the team that has just bought to participate in the MLS.

As you know, the former English international player and former Real Madrid player has become the owner of Inter Miami and although his sporting project will only be released in 2020, David takes advantage of the time for the planning of signings. It is precisely at this point that the 'D10S' of football appears.

Always according to the aforementioned source, Beckham understands that Lionel Messi It would make Inter Miami the center of attention not only in the MLS, but also in the entire planet. And by 2020, English expects the 'Flea' to end its link with Barcelona.

Taking into account the date on which Inter Miami will make its premiere in the MLS, a Lionel Messi it would only take a year to finish all relations with Barcelona.

Cristiano Ronaldo, another objective of Beckham

As well as Messi, David Beckham would also have in his plans to Cristiano Ronaldo, who has confessed at some point that he would like to finish his career in United States football. Today, football has become a big business, English understands that bringing together the two best in the world would mean big profits.



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