In a bikini and XXL fur Moon Boots: the paradoxical outfit of Kendall Jenner in the snow

On a ski vacation in the resort of Aspen in the state of Colorado, the top American shared on her Instagram account, this Thursday, January 20, a series of photos of her having fun in the snow.

Between the mountain and the beach, there are only a few degrees of difference in the end. And when you don’t fear the cold, like Kendall Jenner, why should you give up on your swimsuit in winter? Currently on a ski vacation in the state of Colorado in Aspen, Kylie Jenner’s sister posted this Thursday, January 20 on her Instagram account, a series of photos of her mountain stay. We see her all smiling, having fun in the snow in an outfit that risks giving goosebumps to the most cautious. Indeed, the model wore only a mini black bikini and, as we had to tell her to protect her extremities well, Kris Jenner’s daughter opted for a big pair of furry Moon Boots.

The new holiday photo

The most surprising thing is that she is not the first to have thought of this paradoxical association. Last December, singer Dua Lipa also posed in a white swimsuit and matching furry Moon Boots on her Instagram account.

The influencer Nabilla, during a vacation in the mountains in 2019, also lent herself to the game. Bikini and après-ski, the new souvenir cliché of snow outings? Not to be sent to grandparents…

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