in a tram, a pregnant woman is punched in the stomach

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Her attacker did not hesitate to hit her in the stomach when she was pregnant.

The facts occurred this Saturday, May 14, in a train of a Montpellier tram, reports Midi Libre. Around 11 p.m., several women who were in a tram train were bothered by two men who were visibly alcoholic and under the influence of drugs.

It was then that one of them, 20 years old and seven months pregnant, pushed them back several times, but they insisted. The young girl does not disassemble and does not let herself be done. One of the men will then lose his balance and fall. The latter then attacks the young mother and kicks her several times in the stomach.

Witnesses present in the train will then try to intervene. For his part, the companion of the victim, warned by telephone, awaits his companion at the Tonnelles stop. It was then that the two individuals attacked the girl’s companion, injuring him in the head with glass bottles.

The two men are finally arrested by the police shortly after. According to our colleagues, one would be 16 years old and the second would be an adult, but his age is not yet known. The latter were immediately placed in police custody during which one of them aggravated his case when he again threatened his victim with reprisals and insulted the police officers who were interviewing him.

The two men were brought before the Montpellier prosecutor’s office to answer for their actions.

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