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In a week the cases of influenza in Yucatán are doubled

José Salazar / Milenio News
MÉRIDA.- In just one week, the cases of influenza in the Yucatan practically doubled and according to the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health with a cutoff date of November 1, 13 positive infections have been confirmed in the Health Sector.
So far, no death associated with respiratory disease has been recorded in the state. Last week, we reported that the total number of cases accumulated was seven, that is, in the last week, six new cases were diagnosed.
In the season of seasonal influenza that began a month ago, the influenza strain type AH1N1 predominates. Campeche reports five positive cases of influenza and Quintana Roo, seven.
At the national level, up to the epidemiological week 44, 267 positive cases of influenza have been confirmed, of which 205 correspond to strain AH1N1, 45 to influenza B, 13 to influenza A and four, to strain AH3N2. The total of probable cases is 4 thousand 054.
They head the list of positive cases, Veracruz with 53 and Guerrero, 35, Chiapas, with 33; Tabasco, with 22; Oaxaca and Sinaloa, with 18 each and Yucatán, with 13
Nine deaths related to influenza have been confirmed, corresponding to the states of Veracruz (4), Chiapas (2), Tabasco (1), Tlaxcala (1) and Aguascalientes (1).
The application of the influenza vaccine has been carried out by the Yucatan health units for a couple of weeks.
It is important that children under 5 years of age receive reinforcement against influenza and children under 6 to 23 months, the first dose.
Those who have not received both doses should also get the vaccine. Risk groups are also minors, older adults and pregnant women as well as people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, HIV and those who have an immune system compromised by receiving chemotherapy.
To avoid contagion of Influenza in addition to vaccination, health authorities recommend washing hands, do not go to closed places and avoid contact with people with illness, use face masks and not kissing.


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