In a word. France Gall, not blonde

In a word.  France Gall, not blonde

The funeral of France Gall. (ERIC FEFERBERG / AFP) France Gall was buried at the Montmartre cemetery in Paris. She will rest alongside Michel Berger and their daughter Pauline, who died of cystic fibrosis. Funeral therefore of Isabelle Gall, party at the age of 70 years. The word of the day is therefore singer. Word that comes from the word sing, which itself comes from Latin Cantor . France Gall is a woman described as a lolita by some. Jack Lang uses this term in his message of condolence. He speaks of the ” little girlfriend “French song.” She sang with real naivety “, say Hugues Aufray on the radio. Isabelle Gall, become France Gall when she goes on stage, is described as a ” blonde a little nunuche, a lolita “, exasperated by the fans, while no, retort others France Gall was a leading woman, and not easy-easy The tests made her strong and determined, but she was already like that before the dramas she knew what she wanted, she went to the end and she was not necessarily very ” accommodative “, dare people around him. Exit the blonde, the lolita and even the muse. Who was the muse of whom in the Gall-Berger couple? Did she play the muse with that girlish voice to keep this man who loved others? Michel Berger, the intellectual, the little genius, needed great sensations. When he eyed another – a blonde in general – France Gall, not lolita for a penny, invited, it is said, the lady to dinner, exchanged – it seems – cooking recipes with her. To better neutralize it? Maligne France Gall. A certain Véronique Sanson could not be neutralized. Sanson, the name not to pronounce since the death of France Gall. Véronique, the eternal rival. The one who, for years, shaped musical correspondences with Michel Berger. One day, Véronique Sanson leaves a note to Michel Berger and leaves. He will answer him by writing: ” A few words of love from my capital village. Where the hot air can be icy. Where millions of people know each other so badly. I send you, like a butterfly to a star, a few words of love ” . Disturbing words, which have misled Christophe Castaner, former spokesman of the Republic En Marche, who, in tribute to France Gall, will write: “They are lucky angels, they have just been joined by a star”, etc. etc. Forgetting that this song was intended, to the rival of France Gall. Oops, the big blunder. In a word: muse or not, strong or not, nice or not, blonde or not, Lolita or not, France Gall -and Michel berger- who leave an orphan behind them -their son Raphael- will remain undeniable creators, left too early . Read also Related topics To read on

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