In addition to Luďan of Most, she also made Lavi. Street like a factory on the stars. But the former Matěj Jordán had to push. VIP scandals and affairs


In addition to Luďan of Most, she also made Lavi.  Street like a factory on the stars.  But the former Matěj Jordán had to push.  VIP scandals and affairs

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Caption: ´Lavi´ is a female of a certain type. Well, that’s for ´kopačka´ (hockey players are nicknamed ´hokejky´; for info), moreover, “dementia”, as the creator and actor Štáfek himself said, is no wonder

PHOTO, VIDEO Julius Lavický alias Lavi is back. Jakub Štáfek, who portrayed him in the series of the same name, is shooting the film Vyšehrad and promises that footballer Lavi will be “always the same dementia”. A little more precisely to make it clear to those who have not yet had the honor: Tens of thousands of fans on social networks, millions of views of the online series, all this is the fault of Julius ´Lavi´ Lavický, a football player who has nothing sacred. Průšvihář, who was unrepeatable by actor Jakub Štáfek, the former star of the series Ulice, throws himself into the film after a huge success in the online world. Vyšehrad started filming a few days ago, and the film about the former Sparta player, currently playing for FK Slavoj Vyšehrad, should arrive in cinemas in the spring of next year.

Jakub Štáfek played a football player who was an amazing mix of everything negative in Czech football. After all, he used to play on his own, so he could use his experience. In the film Vyšehrad, he returns to the fates of the football player Julius Lavický: “The film Vyšehrad is more mature, it is no longer just short sketches as in the series. We work great together with Martin Kopp and cameraman Honza Filip, so when I go in front of the camera, it’s just the icing on the cake for me, “said Jakub Štáfek. Everything will revolve around Lavický’s football phenomenon: “Lavi is still the same dementia, but he tries to be better at that football level. And he is succeeding, “Jakub Štáfek explained the plot of the film.

Jakub Štáfek also stood for the camera at the feature film as a director together with Martin Kopp. He is also one of the producers of the film, as well as in the online series. So, unlike Hoffman, he had to prepare the “big role” for himself

Hyperactive child

This year, the 30-year-old Jakub Štáfek really reminded Lavi of his time, so he is quite close to him. Hailing from Prague, he graduated from high school with a management school, and got into the theater because of his unrelenting hyperactivity: “I enjoyed showing off, performing at school parties, and attending the Radar drama. I was hyperactive, I always had excess energy. Classic child with ADHD. It just wasn’t called that, “he recalled his beginnings. At the age of fifteen, the director chose him for the role of Matěj Jordán in the endless series Ulice. He was filming in parallel with the school, which he reportedly welcomed: “It wasn’t entirely easy, but for me filming was a liberation from school. I thought I was going to a good private high school, it was focused on photography and film. I wanted to do that. In retrospect, I see that she was not so good, rather simple. If I were to study, I would be number one, “he admitted.

As Matěj Jordán with the serial dad Petr Vacek, photo by TV Nova, year 2008

The street as a starting line

Novácká Street has become a springboard for several very decent careers. Such Martin Hoffman, who then became most famous as a Luďan in the series MOST! But he can help great talents like Štáfek or Hoffman. They will then provide the others with at least a decent media acquaintance, which they will use according to their nature. Such Patricia Pagáčová, in the series Tereza Jordánová, became an integral part of Czech show jumping thanks to Street, which she mainly uses for charity, she helps animals…

“In the film, we keep everything that the viewers liked in the series. But we tell a more film story, we map Lavi’s effort to get further and higher, and at the same time we look deeper into his family life, in which, for example, a child appears. In short, Lavi grows with all of us. I think that Tomáš Vávra managed to write a screenplay that has all this in it, “said co-producer Ctibor Pouba about the upcoming project, adding that the film will definitely not be just about football. “In short, we are on the ground, but we are aiming high,” added Jakub Štáfek

He had to fight with his head

Although Jakub has been working and studying since he was a child, he definitely did not miss the entertainment, on the contrary. At one time, no weekend party at the Roxy Club in Prague was complete without him, alcohol and various dance drugs were the order of the day. It is said that Jakub even managed to shoot after a sleepless night, for quite a long time. The turning point came only recently, when he also became an MMA fighter standing in a cage in front of his opponent. Jakub jumped into wrestling with vigor, he even wrestled in the O2 Arena, he is looking forward to the matches: “I haven’t experienced many of them yet, so I was relatively nervous. I didn’t really know what I was getting into. But I’m not stupid and I knew I was trained. So I had to deal with my head – how to handle it in it. Whether I tell myself I can’t do it or I feel like a winner. “But he always did sports, it’s part of his personality:” I rebel there a lot. I feel like I’ve always done it, I just put it off for a while because of playing. I didn’t pay as much attention to him as I wanted. But why not return to him? ”

When he ended up in the Street, he already looked like ´Lavi´, without the blonde overflow, photo by TV Nova

Exemplary demented football player

Jakub has appeared in several series so far. In the crime scene, and in Vyšehrad: “We wanted to create a demented football player, composed of several real, problematic, simple and talented people. He had it in his leg, but he didn’t show much on the field, but he lost money and fame. How many are there! ”Jakub would like to become a director and screenwriter:“ I wanted to direct before I started playing. My exhibitionism awoke in me soon, before the casting on the Street. I was going to FAMU or a film school in Písek, but then I got lazy and I didn’t want to study anymore. I wanted to live that party life and thought that everything else would come by itself. Which is over. “

The film makes the same bunch as the series

Petra Vojtková is replaced by Ivana Korolová

There is a change in the series Mowgli. Ivana Korolová, whose baby has grown at least a little bit, will come behind the pregnant Petra Vojtková, formerly Vraspírová, and she can return to singing. They take turns in the role of Jane, to whom Petra Vojtková should return again. Petra Vojtková is a typical musical actress, she has played in several, such as Evita and Mamma mia. After all, it was in a musical based on songs by Abby that she met her then married husband, Roman Vojtek. Their acquaintance followed allegedly only after Roman Vojtek left his wife in the ninth month of pregnancy. The actor has already broken several women’s hearts, only Kristýna Kloubková left him alone, because he did not want to settle down and have a family. So let’s hope that Petra Vojtková will be the one the actor really stays with.

One is pregnant, the other has already given birth

Bára Poláková in bed with Langoš and Rosťa Novák

Is Bára Poláková an actress or a singer? The film Bábovky by Radka Třeštíková will go to cinemas, in which Bára plays the role of Karolína, but she also sang a song for him: “Bábovky producer Petr Erben called me for the first time about two years ago that they would like to write a song for me. Then – about a year later – the offer to star in the film came. Before my bandleader David Hlaváč and I started writing the text, we met with Radka Třeštíková. The most important thing for us was what the story meant to her, with which she wrote it … etc .. When writing, we mostly based on the love triangle in which my character Karolína found herself. It was logically closest to me. But the main motive of the song, which for me is taking responsibility for any relationship, not only partner but also friendly, unites all the characters, “explains Poláková. A video clip was also created for the composition, in which shots from the film are used.

Bára + Novák, photo by Rudolf Havlík

Bara + Langmajer, photo by Rudolf Havlík

Kryštof Michal in the film

The film Happiness is a Beautiful Thing came into cinemas, in which the singer Kryštof Michal also works. However, he does not play or sing here, but works as an assistant director. It’s not the first film he’s involved in: “When Support Lesbiens disbanded in 1996, and it wasn’t easy to make a living, I decided to go to the film. I started with commercials and thanks to my language skills I went to work a lot abroad, “he explained.

“The main assistant of the director is to unite the group so that they feel like working together so that they are not upset. Because where big money flows, of course, there is a lot of pressure, “explains the former singer, adding:” The priority is, of course, to shoot it through many difficulties and obstacles with a smile and try to get the best result. “

Entered by: Michaela Špačková


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