In Angers, a week of actions for road safety

October 19, 2022 at 9:19 a.m. – Modified: October 19, 2022 at 10:10 a.m. by Emilie PLANTARD

The Prefect of Maine-et-Loire on a road safety stand

The Prefect of Maine-et-Loire on a road safety stand

Credit: Emilie Plantard

29 dead on the roads of Maine-et-Loire since the beginning of the year, on the department the road safety figures are not good. It is also a national observation, road insecurity increases in 2022 compared to 2019, the last reference year. At the beginning of autumn, the prefecture of Maine-et-Loire has therefore decided to act by relaunching road safety week, which has been suspended for the past 2 years.

Since October 17 and until the 23rd, actions of awareness and repression therefore take place almost everywhere around Angers.

On Monday, the first took place at the Faculty of Letters, with the students. Those who are more adept at soft modes of transport such as bicycles or electric scooters are particularly targeted. Christian Thalbot is one of the prefecture’s coordinators for road safety, he tries to get the message across, in particular by donating reflective equipment.

“We see that they circulate a little anyhow, anywhere. This is the big danger at the moment in the big cities. The danger is traffic without being visible. When they are dressed in black and not lit, they are invisible. It is especially the person who is poorly lit when not much is enough.”

Christian Thalbot, road safety coordinator

Credit: Emilie Plantard

Be seen!

Of all the accidents recorded since the beginning of 2022, 25% concern scooter or bicycle users. The focus is on visibility, and it’s not just about lighting, reminds Commissioner Céline Stona, deputy director of public security for Maine-et-Loire in the Police zone.

“We will soon be switching to winter time, so often when we arrive or leave work, it is dark and visibility is very important. There are many who do not wear the reflective vest. With we is visible at 150 meters whereas without, we are visible at 30 meters. But at 50 KM/H it takes 26 meters to brake so it can make the difference. We really insist on this point because it can make the difference .”

It should be remembered that on an electric scooter, the reflective vest is compulsory at night or if visibility is reduced. It is also so by bike when you are outside the city.

Céline Stona, Deputy Director of Maine-et-Loire Public Security in the Police Zone

Credit: Emilie Plantard

The road safety stand at the university of letters in Angers

The road safety stand at the university of letters in Angers

Credit: Emilie Plantard

Electric scooter equipment

Credit: ONISR Road Safety

A bad year 2022

The objective is to raise awareness of the notion of visibility, even though autumn is the most accentogenic period of the year. The prefect of Maine-et-Loire, Pierre Ory, recalls the context of mortality on the roads. At the same time in 2019, there were 21 deaths in the department.

“The figures have been very bad since the beginning of the year. Compared to 2019, we have 38% more deaths on the roads, that is to say already 29 deaths. Behind these figures there are broken lives and you have to react.”

Preventive actions take place every day on different sites in the Angevin metropolis. The Police and the Gendarmerie will also increase checks this week. The complete program on

Pierre Ory, Prefect of Maine-et-Loire

Credit: Emilie Plantard