in Asia, these women who confine themselves for a month after giving birth

REPORT – According to Chinese medicine, for a month after childbirth, women must isolate themselves and devote themselves to their recovery. This centuries-old tradition is transformed into a juicy market, with dedicated services and ultra-luxurious treatment centres. The price of serenity?

After giving birth to a baby boy last July, Vera Yap, a Singaporean 30-year-old of Chinese origin, experienced her first postpartum confinement: “Becoming a mother for the first time, I was a little lost. During pregnancy, I read a lot about postpartum practices, but there is so much. For today’s mothers, it’s really hard to keep up with them all.”

Isolated with her partner and baby in her Singapore apartment, she had to sort out the information gathered online, the instructions of her family, the more flexible advice of motherhood and her own judgment. “We are advised against touching water, washing our hands, and even taking a shower. Personally, I could not do it for a question of hygiene and because it is very hot in Singapore. But instead of soap and shampoo, I used plants. And I left most of the tasks…

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