In Aubigny-sur-Nère, the association which offers a shared workspace wants to attract new members

Coworking sites, or shared workspaces, have been popping up everywhere for several years. The commune of Aubigny has had its own since 2017, at the initiative of the Sancerre-Sologne region. Cowork’in Aubigny, located on avenue hippodrome-de-Vogüe, broke away from the Bourges area of ​​which it was a partner. The association has seven members who can use its 200 square meter premises, seven days a week and 24 hours a day, using an entry code.

“Supporting entrepreneurs”

Several profiles of people currently frequent the structure, as Delphine Prousteau, the president of the association, explains: “Some people come to use the open space to work and have internet access. Others come to organize ad hoc meetings or training. There are also those who wish to have access to an office and who will come two days a month. “

Cowork’in Aubigny had a better period in terms of the number of members with no less than twenty-five people. The period of the various confinements and the related health uncertainties put a brake on the activity of Cowork’in Aubigny. If several types of public can access the shared workspace, the association knows that it has an interesting playing card with a number of profiles.

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“One of our vocations is to support entrepreneurs,” emphasizes Delphine Prousteau. We provide the premises to people who are starting out and we hope that after a few years, they will take off and find theirs. Among the public, we have the self-employed, the liberal professions, whether they are people who have settled in or who have just created their business. “

Cowork’in Aubigny can also take advantage of the trends that have emerged since the Covid crisis: “We also have employees working from home, due to or independently of the Covid, and who are looking for a place without the cries of children or with a stable wifi. We have people who regularly come to spend a week here and work while their children are with their grandparents. “

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Other categories may be interested, such as students who come to write their thesis or structures that organize training courses or use the offices for individual interviews. “What we see, and what also notes a CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research, Editor’s note) who worked on coworking spaces in Center-Val de Loire, is that there is fewer requests for shared spaces but more requests for offices for the teleworking side with confidentiality, ”adds Delphine Prousteau.

Conferences and a “coapéro”

The Corwork’in’Aubigny also sets up one-off events open to all audiences. It will offer two conferences soon (see box), as well as a “coapéro”, which will take place every last Thursday of the month. “The idea of ​​this meeting is to meet and discuss our news, underlines Delphine Prousteau. It is organized for coworkers and all people who would like to discover the space. “

Contact. Tel., or by email: [email protected] Conferences Dates.?Le Cowork’in Aubigny will organize two conferences on its premises. The premiere will be on November 9 at 6:30 p.m. on how to improve your public speaking. A second will take place on December 14, at 10 a.m., on the risks and opportunities linked to climate change.

Guillaume Faucheron
[email protected]