In Avellino two prisoners take two agents hostage – Campania

Sappe denounces it. One went up on the roof and threatened to commit suicide

High tension in the Avellino prison where on Friday two prison police officers were taken hostage by two inmates and one climbed onto the roof of the prison and threatened to throw himself into the void. At the same time, a fight broke out among the inmates in the isolation ward. Donato Capece, general secretary of Sappe, the autonomous union of prison officers for whom “the Avellino prison has become a powder keg ready to explode”, denounced it.

According to the reconstruction of Maria Anna Argenio, Sappe regional deputy secretary serving in the Secondigliano prison (Naples), around ten o’clock yesterday morning two inmates of Apulian and Campania origin who are serving a final sentence for drug dealing, have taken hostage two agents threatening them with rudimentary knives made from razor blades and barricaded themselves inside the isolation ward. A negotiation followed at the end of which other agents on duty managed to enter the department and free their colleagues. Nobody was hurt.

A few minutes later, in the same ward, a fight broke out between inmates, also in this case painstakingly sedated by the staff on duty. In another wing of the prison, the one where the infirmary is located, an inmate with psychological problems managed to climb onto the roof threatening self-harm. Another detainee, along with the agents, convinced him to desist.

520 people are imprisoned in the Avellino prison where 160 prison police officers serve with an underestimated staff of at least 50 units. For some time the unions have been denouncing the difficulties in guaranteeing surveillance and internal order due to the lack of staff: often a single agent is called upon to guarantee the surveillance of several sections which are also located on different floors of the prison.



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