in Bodrum, restaurateurs are being rebuilt on the backs of tourists

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The restaurant ticket clearly indicating a covid tax at 5 euros per person shocked. But what about the kebab at 48 euros?

According to Het Laatste Nieuws, notes of taverns or beach bars in Bodrum are currently making the buzz. We discover the price for a kebab: 48 euros. For a double espresso: 8 euros. The addition in question, according to HLN, comes from a slightly more chic tavern in Bodrum, where drinks are more expensive anyway.

However, the more popular beach bars aren’t left out either. A tourist town hotel charges 45 euros for its buffet and 70 euros for swimming.

Asked about these prices, the mayor of Bodrum, Ahmet Aras, said that it was completely normal; that due to the covid crisis, restaurateurs had to fight to survive and that the city had to do everything possible to ensure that tourists spent as much money as possible.



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