In Bondy, the Council of State cancels the last municipal elections

At the beginning of the year, the inhabitants of Bondy will have to return to the polls to elect their mayor. The Council of State has just canceled the last municipal elections.

The decision of the Council of State fell on Monday, November 22. The municipal elections are canceled in Bondy in Seine-Saint-Denis. The Bondynois will have to vote again.

In June 2020, Sylvine Thomassin, outgoing PS mayor, lost the municipal election to LR candidate Stephen Hervé. The gap between the two candidates was 64 votes.

The Council of State validated the irregularities pointed out by the administrative court of Montreuil: problems of signatures on the lists of signatures without power of attorney and the “massive distribution” of leaflets, “challenging the probity” of the outgoing mayor and candidate, “on a date that does not allow her to respond to this new element of the electoral controversy”. In this case, two days before the second round, specifies Le Parisien.

Stephen Hervé (LR) reacted on social networks “This decision comes from the maneuvers of the opposition to steal the legitimacy that the Bondynois gave us last year in order to act alongside them, for the general interest and the living environment of all Bondynois.“. He urges his supporters not to be “ bitters“at the end of this legal battle. He now announces that he will be “determined to return to the countryside“.