In Bordeaux, a tourist has a watch torn off at 57,000 euros

An extremely rare affair in Bordeaux. On August 4 at around 9 p.m., an Alsatian tourist passing through the Gironde capital had her watch, worth 57,000 euros, torn off at the parking lot of the Place Camille Jullian, indicates the Bordeaux police station in 20 Minutes, confirming information from South West.

The 52-year-old victim was assaulted by three individuals, and struck with one blow to the head and another to the knees, before one of the attackers seized the luxury watch, numbered.

Certainly targeted theft

“This is not a classic pick-pocketing, to which we are unfortunately accustomed in Bordeaux, commented on a source close to the investigation. It seems to be much more targeted, simply because a watch of this value only flows within a specific luxury jewelry smuggling and receiving market. “

The victim lodged a complaint and an investigation was opened. Viewing the video surveillance did not identify the attackers.

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