In Britain, the number of deaths from coronavirus per day has doubled :: Society :: RBC

According to authorities, the sharp increase in the number of deaths may be partly due to a delay in the analysis: 108 of these positive tests were obtained from the laboratory, which was unable to provide data on the weekend.

March 25, it became known that the heir to the British throne, Prince of Wales Charles, who turned 71 years old, became infected with the coronavirus. On March 31, the royal family announced that Charles had already left self-isolation and was in good health.

The country’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the newspaper notes, is now holding cabinet meetings exclusively in the form of video conferencing. He is in isolation after the coronavirus was diagnosed with the head of government. Johnson warned the ministers at the meeting that “the situation will worsen before it gets better, but it will improve.” Johnson also noted that the increase in deaths from coronavirus in recent days has shown the importance of the observance by the British of the rules of “social distance”.

The total number of diagnosed coronavirus infections in the world on March 31 exceeded 800 thousand people.

COVID-19 infected hospital at London Expocenter. Photoreport


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